Tips to Stay Protected

Don’t be a victim of burglary. It is a preventable crime that is committed frequently. Burglars will be the first to admit that you can discourage them if you rank up your home security. You can begin this process by identifying your weak areas and fixing them.

 icon-home Doors

  • The best defense for a good solid core wood door is a dead bolt lock with one-inch throw bolt.
  • All exterior hinge doors should be of solid core construction, 1-3/4 inch thick.
  • Double doors can be secured by lush bolts. Flush bolts can be installed at the top and bottom of the inactive door on a pair of doors, offering additional
  • security since the intruder cannot get at these devices to tamper with them if the doors are locked.
  • Dutch doors can be secured by adding a dead bolt lock to both the lower and upper door.
  • Garage doors should always be closed and locked whenever you are away from home.

 icon-lock Safety

  • If you use an answering machine or voice mail service, do not indicate on your greeting that you will be gone for a specific time.
  • Warn family members, especially children, not to give out information by phone, especially about who is home, who is out, or how long anyone is expected to be out.
  • Maintaining an appearance of occupancy even when your home is vacant is essential to thwarting burglary attempts.
  • During the day, leave drapes and shades in their normal position when you are at home. Do not leave easily stolen valuables in sight close to windows!
  • Inform one or two people of your vacation. Don’t advertiser your vacation plans.
  • Have your neighbor pick up your mail.
  • Never keep large sums of cash around the house.
  • Keep valuable jewelry that you do not often wear in a safe deposit box.
  • Make sure that police, fire, and paramedics can find your home in a time of emergency. Have your house numbers clearly mounted on a high contrast background.
  • If you will be gone for more than a week, arrange to keep your lawn maintained and for your garbage can to be put out and brought in.

 icon-leaf Landscaping

  • Keep doorways, windows, and porches clear when planting bushes and flowers. Remember that the bushes that provide you with privacy also give a burglar a place to hide.
  • Locked gates and well-maintained fences can make break-ins more difficult and prevent the removal of large items.
  • Walkways and driveways should be easily seen so no landscaping offers concealment for intruders.

 icon-key Key Control

  • When you move into a home or apartment or lose your keys, always have the locks re-keyed.
  • Do not leave an emergency key under the doormat, on top of the door frame, or in any other hiding spot so well-known to burglars.
  • Never attach a name, address, or license tag to your house keys or your children’s. If keys are lost or stolen, you will have an unwelcome visitor very quickly!
  • Keep car keys and house keys separate. Never leave your house keys with an attendant when you go to the car wash or parking lot.

 icon-lightbulb-o Exterior Lighting

  • Each exterior doorway should be lighted from dusk to dawn so a burglar can’t hide to break in.
  • Yards and windows should be lit.
  • Night blind spots can be eliminated by use of ornamental porch and yard lamp posts.

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