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Got Home Alarms offers the latest home security systems that can be customized to the specific layout of your home. We have very affordable monthly rates to monitor your system 24-hours a day.

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Getting a new home alarm system is a great way to protect your home, but there are also many other precautions you should take. Please take this time to review our safety tips to keep your home protected.

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Based in Los Angeles, California, Got Home Alarms offers highly dependable home alarm systems that respond quickly to emergency situations. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff is very friendly and will be an active part of your security system. Speak to a representative and we can come perform the installation as soon as the next day.

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ADT, LLC. – America’s leading security company, was founded over a century ago. For years, ADT has been the number one trusted source of protection for millions of families, homes and businesses. By signing up for ADT monitoring, you are ensuring that trained professionals with the most sophisticated and innovative security devices – including home security doors – are monitoring your home at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ADT monitored security systems allow you and your family to take advantage of technological advances like home security camera systems and other high-tech home security products. Many of ADT’s monitoring services aren’t even available from competitors. But, fear not, you will receive an alarm manual to look over if you have questions after your system is installed.

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ADT Home Alarm Systems

We offer a wide range of ADT home alarm systems to protect your home from intruders. By getting the right system for your property, you can ensure a fast response from authorities in case criminals try to break in and steal your possessions or harm you or your family. ADT is so highly recognized as a leader in home security that many would-be intruders will simply leave a property alone after seeing a sign or sticker indicating that the premises is being guarded by the company. Here is more about the advantages of these systems and the options available.

Having ADT at home will give you peace of mind about the safety of residents as well as any valuables stored on site. Thanks to established relationships with emergency responders nationwide, ADT is a smart way to guarantee that help will be on the way quickly if it is needed. No matter the weather or time of day or night, automatic notifications sent by ADT home alarm systems reach headquarters quickly even if other systems are contacting the company at the same time. Plenty of options are available to secure your home so that the system you choose will be ideal to address your concerns.

Basic ADT home alarm systems include high-decibel alarms and monitoring around the clock as well as 24-hour backup batteries, LCD keypads and remote control keychains. Infrared motion detectors, sensitive enough to detect intruders in the dark but calibrated to prevent triggering by pets, can also be installed. Certain packages also include cellular phone monitoring, two-way voice communications with ADT representatives or both. Finally, remote monitoring with smartphones and other mobile devices is an option.

Long-term security of your home and everyone in it is possible with ADT home alarm systems. If intruders try to enter your home, they are likely to think twice after seeing that you are protected by ADT. If they decide to try their luck anyway, they will be thwarted by ear-piercing alarms and confronted by law enforcement agents soon afterwards. To find out about the ways ADT can protect your home, contact us by phone or through our website today.